The property

In the past it was stage to rural activities. Traditions like the maize (corn) harvest and the harvest dance (Dança da Descamisa) were in the origins of the property's name. These dances were merely done so people could enjoy the night after a day of hard work.

Today we have a fantastic scenario resulting from a project that puts together mother infrastructures with the centenarium landscape of cork-oak trees (Quercus Suber) and cozy green enchanted gardens. This scenario makes it easier to choose Quinta da Dança as the place for your social or corporate event. 

“Sobreiral”, “Solarium” and “Dança” allow us to organize all kinds of events, from small private meetings or family reunions to large conventions or weddings.

"Dança" venue

An innovative space that features long windows and modern wood, allowing the guests to use it for different purposes: from a simple business meeting to a large family event.

With a large outdoor area featuring a majestic balcony over the luxurious gardens, this is the perfect place to have your canapes served on or for a delicious barbecue. With such a breathtaking view, you can also just sit down, have a drink and relax during a hot summer day. The landscape is the decorative painting of this outdoor space.

With capacity to receive 1000 pax., this venue is the perfect example of how a minimalistic design works so well with mother nature.

"sobreiral" venue

Ows its name to the venue's envolving landscape in which the "Sobreiro" is abundant. Sobreiro is a tipycal Portuguese tree where cork comes from and Sobreiral is a set of Sobreiros. This shows a touristic project conceded with the highest respect for Nature.

Of modern construction with a rustique touch, this venue has capacity for 500 pax. and features a different side of our brand.

This venue was the first to be built and it was completely refurnished after some time to show the guests we keep up with the trends and adapt to the changing world.

"solarium" venue

The hexagonal aspect of this venue together with the usage of long windows all around, gives our guests the sensation of being in the middle of nature, away from civilization.

Our customers can then enjoy every feature of their meal in a safe and peaceful environment.

This venue has capacity for 100 pax. and provides a more intimate and natural atmosphere for the true nature lovers.

Irresistible to the palate and the sight!


And if all the rest fails to impress, our international gardens will definitely take your breath away.

From local plants to exotic palm trees and "Sobreiros" with more than 100 years old, the gardens feature stunning scenarios that will make you fall in love over and over again.

Quinta da Dança likes to play with all the 6 senses offering landscapes that are close to perfection, melodious sounds of nature, delicious local food, the floral scent coming from our marvelous gardens and the different textures of different rustique materials used in construction.

To add to all this, the number of ecossistems present in this natural environment keeps increasing every year with various species of wild animals chosing our property to live in.

the lake

Our signature lake is one of the latest constructions and the idea came from the need of bringing a water show to our guests' entertainment.

The wooden bridge, waterfall, lights set and envolving gardens make this lake one of the property's wonders.

At night it serves as space for the wedding cake cutting ceremony or just as scenario for couples to annouce their love. 

It is said that the birds talk to you in this magical place.

Come and live this experience yourself!


Recently re-built with safer and more modern materials.

The little ones love it and so do the parents who can enjoy a drink or a snack while watching their children play.